Do you have arthritis?

Do you have fibromyalgia?

Do you have ...fill in the blank

The Posture Code is a posture and movement program designed to enhance motion, improve posture, and reduce pain

...regardless of age, body type, or condition

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Taking countless pills just to keep from going insane with the pain you're dealing with

  • Being labelled with medical conditions that will never go away, things you'll just have to 'live with' indefinitely as long as you live

  • Feeling great after a chiropractic appointment - only to feel worse again within days or even hours

  • Joint pain/fatigue in most places of your body, including back, hips, knees, neck, and shoulders

  • Difficulty to perform simple tasks like driving, bending down, or even walking because of stiff muscles

  • Hopelessness - you're realizing that the medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy providers are temporary pacifiers and nothing more

Here's the bad news - if you continue to rely on these 'temporary' methods of relief...

it will only get worse from here

...joint failure and increased pain become more and more likely as you age

Even after taking recommended treatments, your conditions may continue to you deal with pain from when you wake to when you go to sleep - maybe even while you're sleeping. Doesn't sound like a good life, does it?


It doesn't matter whether you're young or old - these imbalances are unavoidable and add up over time

600,000 knees are replaced each year in the United States

300,000 hips replacement surgeries are performed in the United States each year

230,000 carpal tunnel surgeries conducted annually

Now that you understand how big of a problem this is, here's some good news

Here at The Posture Code, we've discovered that

  • The root problem isn't your pain, your muscles, or even your joints

  • Rather, it has to do with the subconscious part of your brain

  • Many of your symptoms might be alleviated immediately or over time with the right 'decoding' of this part of your brain

  • Decoding this part of your brain is for all ages, from young children to great-grandparents!

You're probably wondering, what exactly is being decoded?

What we specialize in is correcting start and endpoint of all of your motion

You guessed it - your posture!

In short, The Posture Code approaches your symptoms as a physics problem and is designed to restore the brain-muscle connection, which in turn corrects your posture and allows for greater freedom of movement

...Lives are transformed as a result

Debi (67) sustained an injury that left her with an injured neck. Taking anywhere from 4-10 painkillers per day that weren't working, Debi found that her pain levels subsided after receiving care from The Posture Code. She also noticed increased flexibility, range of motion, and holistic improvement across her body

Chris (34) had pain across his neck, back, hips, and legs ever since his late 20s. After each session of The Posture Code, Chris notices that he feels better for longer and longer as his brain is finally letting go of accommodations from previous injuries, restoring his posture to its original, untainted state

Maurice (68) struggled with bad posture, lack of motion, and rigidity issues for over three years, and also endured a decade of back pain. Maurice says that a primary way he maintains his quality of life as a senior citizen is through the Posture Code, which has drastically improved his posture and motion, and reduced his pain.

Michelle (40) tried every method in the book to alleviate her pain. Medical doctors, physical therapists - even surgeons - failed to relieve her multiple issues. After trying The Posture Code as a 'last resort', Michelle was overjoyed to experience immediate pain relief after only one session

Even more testimonials!



The Posture Code changed the game for Debi, Shawn, Chris, Michelle, and countless others aged 3 to 103.


But first there are some things you need to know about The Posture Code

  • The Posture Code is not a diagnosis or 'fix' for conditions or diseases

  • Rather, it is a way of undoing the brain's accommodations from old or previous injuries

  • After an injury, your brain accommodates (skews) your posture to prevent that injury from reoccurring. After you heal, the brain does not undo this accommodation


  • With time and age, these accommodations add up, severely deviating your posture from what it used to be

  • Remember, posture is the start and endpoint of all motion - so when your posture is skewed, so is your motion

  • This deviated motion causes uneven forces on your joints, from your muscles. Eventually, this leads to many symptoms, including pain and joint failure

  • The Posture Code utilizes sequential vibration to send proprioceptive signals to the brain, stripping away these accommodations

  • As the accommodations are removed, your posture and motion improve, and many times, symptoms will [not so] magically disappear!


What sets The Posture Code apart from other vibration techniques?

It's in the sequence, the decoding process, if you will

Dr. Daniel Woodruff, D.C. has spent years learning exactly which sequences work most effectively for undoing accommodations.

Now, he'd like to teach you how to regain freedom from pain, bad posture, and lack of motion

Imagine being able to watch a sunset, visit grandchildren, perform a workout, go on a date, and perform daily activities without pain, injury, or awkward posture

This is your new reality with The Posture Code

Do you want to move better, feel better, and live better?

Don't wait another day. Learn The Posture Code today!

"The Posture Code" by Dr. Daniel Woodruff, D.C. - coming soon!

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